Research scientist in applied mathematics


I am a research scientist at Inria. My research team RAPSODI (reliable numerical approximations of dissipative systems) is based in the Lille-Nord Europe research center, located in Villeneuve d'Ascq, France. I am also affiliated to the ANEDP team (numerical analysis and partial differential equations) in the Paul Painlevé laboratory of the University of Lille. I am a member of the ANR project MICMOV.


We are organising the workshop "New trends in the Numerical Analysis of PDEs" in June 10-13, 2024. Registration (free but mandatory) and poster submission are open here.

Previous position

From October 2017 to September 2018 I was a FSMP postdoc at the Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions of Sorbonne Université (Université Pierre et Marie Curie). I was mentored by Bruno Després and Frédérique Charles.

PhD thesis

I defended my PhD on 20th September 2017 at the Institut Camille Jordan of the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1. During my doctoral studies I was working under the supervision of Francis Filbet and L. Miguel Rodrigues. My thesis manuscript is entitled

"Asymptotic and numerical analysis of kinetic and fluid models for the transport of charged particles"