January 2020: Master Class in Probability in Strasbourg (France)

      Lecture for undergraduate students: Introduction to Random Walks and Particle Systems

2019-2020: Master Data Science course at University of Lille and Centrale Lille

      First year lecture (M1): Markov chains and Applications

2019-2020: Teaching Assistant at ESIREM Engineering School

      TDs: Analyse Première Année

2018-2019: Master of Research course at University of Lille

      Second year lecture (M2): An introduction to Statistical Physics

July 2015: Summer school Sovremennaya Matematika (Contemporary mathematics) in Dubna (Russia)

      Lecture notes : An introduction to Statistical Mechanics

2014-2015: Master course in PUC (Rio de Janeiro)

      Website: Topicos de Probabilidade (Calculo Estocastico)
      Website: Teoria da Probabilidade I

2012-2014: Teaching Assistant at ENS Lyon

      Fiches TD: Théorie de la mesure
      Fiches TD: Option probabilités et statistiques pour l'agrégation