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I received a Master's degree in Computer Networks and Embedded Systems from the University of Strasbourg in 2018. I worked on the subject of "Cooperation between multiple RPL networks" under the direction of Julien MONTAVONT in the Network research group from the ICube laboratory.

PhD topic

Polymorphical wireless communication for connected agriculture (ComPAC)

ComPAC gathers an Inria team and the Sencrop company, expert in crop monitoring.
We want to design an innovative solution for data collection from and to wireless sensors distributed over a field through a combination of wireless communication technologies.
This addresses different scientific challenges, as we aim to design a complete communication system able to dynamically select the best communication technology according to the kind of data (alarm, monitoring) and technology costs and gains (rate, range) in a multihop fashion.
A prototype will be developped, and results will be experimentally validated in real situation staged by Sencrop activity and are intended to be directly exploited by Sencrop.

Research interests

  • Internet of Things
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Communications (MAC layer, routing, etc)
  • Security

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    Inria Lille-Nord Europe
    FUN Team - Office A201
    40, Avenue Halley
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